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July 29th at 6:53pm

The Amsterdam Effect

I love the piece in Drudge recently that headlined: Pot Seen as Reason for Rise in Denver Homeless. You’ve got to love the media and yet they’re not to blame for our insatiable desire to be entertained.

But seriously, anyone just glancing at that headline would believe people who smoke pot are now abandoning the productive lives they once led to blindly pursue their cannabis pleasures and, as a result, are ending up on the street.

What in fact is more likely is that people are flocking to Denver from places near and far to find employment in the exploding pot market; some successfully others not so much. It’s the Amsterdam Effect. When something is legal in one place but illegal almost everywhere else, a gravitational pull sets in.

My suggestion is that we not pin the rising tide of homelessness on harmless diversions (that for some bring real medical benefit) and focus instead on the deeper issues (income disparity, lack of jobs and available housing, the need for a living wage etc.) that need to be resolved so we can really end homelessness.