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October 3rd at 12:55am

Get on board!

Well, we’ve had a crazy week at Lava Mae.

Ever since our video with AJ+ became viral (with 8.5 million views and counting on FB!) the inquiries have been pouring in. Want to support our cause?  Here are some concrete ways you can help

  1. Donate money

  2. Donate toiletries and other indispensable goods

  3. Volunteer

  4. Share on social media!

To donate money, you can check out our homepage and you’ll stumble across the menu. If you choose, you can also check out our wishlist and buy any of the things on there and they will be delivered right to our office.

We not only receive monetary donations, but toiletries as well! You can bring in any spare shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body washes, etc. and they will be put to great use. Feel free to drop them off at our bus’ location (check out our homepage for the schedule).

If you would like to volunteer, you can also do that from our homepage. As a volunteer, you would be able to help us out with more hands-on activities such as checking in our guests, monitoring the facility, and keeping the showers clean in between uses–all while delivering our high-touch radical hospitality.


Finally, in an effort to raise awareness of what we do, you can share our viral video with all of your loved ones (the link can be found below). And who knows? Maybe we can get our founder, Doniece Sandoval, on The Ellen Show!

Donate and/or become a volunteer!

Check out our video!

Give us a like!

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